'The Mandalorian' Demystify's a Major Baby Yoda Theory

'The Mandalorian' Demystify's a Major Baby Yoda Theory


'The Mandalorian' Demystify's a Major Baby Yoda Theory


The latest episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian puts the nominal hero hurtling toward the season finale, as Mando and Baby Yoda find themselves in a difficult position with no visible path to success. With a team assembled in hopes of taking down the Imperial forces searching for the Child, Mando reunites with characters such as Cara Dune, Greef Karga, and the lovable Ugnaught who has spoken (aka Kuill). And it is that very Ugnaught who reveals some intriguing information about the Child that debunks a major theory about his possible status as Baby Yoda.


In “Chapter 7: The Reckoning,” Kuill proclaims that the Child is not the product of genetic manipulation or cloning, a process he is familiar with because of his time with the Empire. This means that the Child is not a clone of the actual Yoda, but is instead likely another member of Yoda’s mysterious race.

We know the Child is empowered by the Force, he seems to possess abilities that even the most skilled Jedi have not mastered in the Star Wars saga of films. When Greef Karga is hurt after an attack by a flock of winged creatures in the desert of Nevarro, Baby Yoda uses the Force to heal Greef completely from his wound, even eliminating the poison spreading in his body.

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