'90 Days: The Other Way' Stars Jenny and Sumit Flirt On Social Media

'90 Days: The Other Way' Stars Jenny and Sumit Flirt On Social Media


'90 Days: The Other Way' Stars Jenny and Sumit Flirt On Social Media



During this season,  Jenny was received some unexpected visitor’s at the apartment she shared with Sumit. The woman Sumit married in India and her father showed up to her home demanding she know the truth about Sumit. In their emotional reunion—in front of cameras. They whisked him away after the confrontation in his apartment. During the confrontation, Jenny met just about everyone, including Sumit’s wife.

“Why did this happen?” she cried to him. Sumit explained he was in an arranged marriage. He tried to make it work at first, but said ultimately, he couldn’t do it. Yet, nobody in his family would listen to him.

Sumit continued to apologize and acknowledged what he did to both Jenny and his wife wasn’t fair. He took Jenny’s right to have a say in the situation away.

Sumit then went on to explain, that once Jenny arrived in India, she had been there for five months, he planned to talk to her about everything. However, he enjoyed the peaceful coexistence between them. “And now I’m paying for that,” he said.

Jenny gave up everything to move to India, including a job, her home, much of her belongings. She can’t stay in India, so what does she have to go back to? “I still love you, so that’s going to be hard for me,” she said about returning to the United States.

But a heartbroken Sumit, wasn’t ready for Jenny to leave, “I don’t want Jenny to leave. I’m ready to stand up, I’m ready to fight for me and Jenny to be together,” Sumit said. But a hurdle stands in his way: His wife. For the divorce to happen, he said he wife needs to say yes, otherwise it will be a difficult process under India law.

However, just weeks ago at the Tell All when asked by host Shaun Robinson about his wife…. NEXT page


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