Case Dismissed, Judge Rules in Jenelle Evans' Favor —Read Her EXCLUSIVE Statement

Case Dismissed, Judge Rules in Jenelle Evans' Favor —Read Her EXCLUSIVE Statement


Case Dismissed, Judge Rules in Jenelle Evans' Favor —Read Her EXCLUSIVE Statement


Champion Daily just learned that the judge in the couple’s custody trial recently ruled that 2-year-old Ensley and 5-year-old Kaiser will be returned to their mom. The judge threw out the case after she “did not see evidence of neglect” on Jenelle and David’s part.


According to the recent development’s Kaiser’s dad, Nathan Griffith, must turn his son over to Jenelle, Thursday at 10 AM.

According to the report, first published my at the end of testimony Wednesday the judge hardly waited to hand down the ruling.
The former ‘Teen Mom’ star quickly shared ‘tears of joy’ with her Twitter followers: David immediately hopped on Snapchat to report, “Yes the kids are coming back. Stay tuned.”

Shortly after the news broke, Champion Daily reached out Jenelle, here is what she had to say….

After numerous hours of back and forth, weeks of testimony and a second judge (the first one removed himself from the case after allegations of bias arose) Jenelle credited the judge, who she said was female, for finally going over all the evidence that was presented to the court.

“Today [was] the final day we were in court from 9am-6pm,” she told CD, “she didn’t find any evidence against us of neglect or abuse of any sort.” Adding the the new judge was able to hear the testimony both Ensley and Kaiser’s teachers who shared how the couple “were as parents for the past 2 years.”


Also on the stand, Whitney, mother to 11-year-old Maryssa’s ex-boyfriend, who “gave insight on a recording of Whitney that Maryssa will always remain ‘loyal to her mom’ and that Whitney claimed ‘Maryssa was a good liar.’

Jenelle also added, “With everything that was presented as evidence, the judge found that CPS only had “hearsay”. What CPS presented didn’t stand up to the definition of abuse or neglect.”

When asked about her reaction to the news Jenelle says, “When the judge said her decision it was so “matter-of-fact” tone and blunt that I was in shock but bursted out into tears immediately!”

As for David’s reaction, she says he was sitting right next to her and that they “immediately began to hug each other while I was crying.” She also added she heard her lawyer whisper “I am so happy for you.”

We also asked Jenelle moving forward what will happen to the kids, she said “Jace will remain with my mom, normal schedule every other weekend visits and 2 week visits on school breaks.”

As for Maryssa, she will return to her father’s care, “David has full primary custody,” and she will continue to visit her mother every other weekend.

When asked about Kaiser, whom Jenelle has full primary custody of she said he will also be returned to her and continue to have supervised visits with dad, Nathan Griffith “every other weekend at Nathan’s moms house.”

Ensley, the sole child of both Jenelle and David will be returned home to her parents, who maintain full shared custody.

We also asked Jenelle how the other parties involved reacted to the news, she said although she isn’t sure how Nathan feels, her mom Barbara “was glad to give me back Ensley. I guess she is a handful for my mom.”

Moving forward Jenelle says she and David are eager to put this behind them, stating that “a lot of statements that were released to the media while I was in court were untrue,” adding that she wanted to come to her defense but due to their ‘back-to-back’ court dates she could not.

Of initially losing custody, Jenelle says, “All the allegations were based off of social media posts and fans calling in reporting false things about us.”

“The media calling CPS didn’t help either. This entire ordeal was really ridiculous and super glad it’s behind me.” A relieved Jenelle also added that being under the pressure of being a mother in front of cameras at 17 and having her children taken away is more than anyone could imagine.

On regaining custody of her kids Jenelle says, “I’m extremely overwhelmed that it’s over and didn’t expect it to be. I thought I would have to go another holiday without my kids and I don’t! I feel blessed,” she exclaimed.

So what does she plan to do now that she will be reunited with her kids?

Jenelle said they are “planning a cookout and staying home to play in the pool.” Adding “I just want to be home with my kids and hear them arguing, hear the “mom, I want a snack”, or hear “goodnight, I love you”. I missed it so much and so glad to have that back. It’s been too quiet around here, lol.”

We also asked her about her hopes for the future and what she would like fans and people to know, she says for now she is focusing on building a stronger relationship with Jace and then, “planning on getting full custody.”

She also told CD that both she and David have been working to better themselves by completing “Parenting Classes and Substance Assessments.”

In closing she says that “David completed an Anger Management course and I have completed a Domestic Violence Class,” adding “this was not asked of us by the judge but simply because we thought it could only help us be stronger people/parents. ”


Best of luck to the soon to be fully reunited family!




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