Leading Ladies of the PGA

Leading Ladies of the PGA


Leading Ladies of the PGA


The pair currently live in The Bahamas, which Rose says is a perfect halfway point between America and the UK with a plethora of direct flights to their desired destinations.


After getting married, Rose changed the number on his golf ball to 99 because Kate’s lucky number was 9, therefore he put 99 for double luck.


The pair are one of the most recognized couples on tour with Kate regularly appearing at tournaments and events.

Kate is now involved with the Kate and Justin Rose Foundation which was set up in 2009, the Foundation aims to help fight childhood hunger in the Orlando area as well as provide education and experiences. It aims to give under-privileged kids advice on nutrition, education and experience.

Rose said: “This program is very close to our hearts because Kate and I know Blessings in a Backpack fills a crucial void for children who might otherwise go hungry. I can’t expect to play good golf if I’m not properly nourished so how can we expect kids to go a full weekend with out enough to eat and then be able to focus on learning the next school week.”

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