Holzhauer holds on to win 18th Jeopardy

Holzhauer holds on to win 18th Jeopardy


Holzhauer holds on to win 18th Jeopardy


James Holzhauer’s 18th appearance in his historic run on “Jeopardy!” came down to just $18. The Las Vegas sports bettor held off Adam Levin, 46, of Ashland, Massachusetts, in a tight match that came down to ‘Final Jeopardy’ in Monday’s episode.

Holzhauer, 34, finished with $54,017, just ahead of Levin, who racked up $53,999, the highest non-winning total in show history, according to thejeopardyfan.com.

Holzhauer extended his streak and pushed his total winnings to $1,329,604. He trails past champion Ken Jennings who won more than $2.5 million during a 74-game winning streak in 2004.

Monday’s episode was the second time during the streak that a competitor went into Final Jeopardy!

Holzhauer has been correct on 17 of his 18 Final Jeopardy! attempts.

“I did everything I could possibly do and the best I could, and I was a few dollars short, but I wouldn’t trade it,” Levin told The Boston Globe. “I had a huge smile on my face for as much of the time [as] I could because I was living the dream.”


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